Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select books ?

We are not only a kids book club we are also  customers. Our curation team and creation teams work with authors, librarians, educators, teachers, parents and ultimately kids to create and select only the most beautiful, inspirational stories that young readers will absolutely love and want to read over and over again. 

How much does it cost?

For as low as $11.00, your child will receive up to 3 new book every month  that match their reading level and can grow with them as they advance. Chance reading levels anytime each book is yours to keep. No need to take trips to send back books.  No additional cost, your membership includes the books. Cancel anytime. Reach out to us anytime our customer success team is waiting to resolve any concerns one-on-one.

How often will I receive books?

New books are shipped out monthly. 

How many books come in a box?

 Up to 3 books come in each box per subscription depending on the reading level. For reading levels, 1-3 we send up to 3 books per box and for reading level 4 we send 1 book/box. Number of books may vary from month to month. If you have multiple deliveries in your membership, you will NOT receive any duplicate books. 

When will I get my deliveries?

Orders will ship by the 4th of each month. New orders will be shipped within 3-5 days (shipping may be delayed during the pandemic). We can also accommodate birthdays and special occasions. Change the reading level anytime by contacting us. Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime.

Can I just make a 1-time purchase?

Yes, Click the shop button on.

I have more questions how do I contact you?

email us at 

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