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Kids Read Daily Book Club for young readers age 0-12 years old

Each month your child will receive 3 amazing books from world-class publishers personalized by their age, grade, or reading level. Change reading levels anytime. Start them off from Pre-readers through Chapter books.

I Read Chapter Books: Book Club For Tweens (Age 9-12)

Tweens can be so in-be-tween that's why we made this book club just for them.

Raising Readers Bi-Monthly Book Club For Kids (Ages 3-9 )

Leveled readers kids book club for ages 3-9 personalized by level/age/grade - Six new books, bi-monthly.

Board Book Club For Babies & Toddlers (ages 0-3)

Receive outstanding board books carefully curated from world-class publishers addressed to your special baby. For you to create unforgettable bonding moments with books and your baby.

Beginner Chapter Books Club for Kids (ages 7-9)

These chapter books are shorter than middle-grade books, averaging about 125 pages, while featuring numerous pictures.

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