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Kids who read at least 20-min a day are more successful in school and life. Give them a head start now with a personalized monthly book delivery. 

Personalized your book delivery 

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Expert book selections personalized for every reading level

Years of experience selecting and sending books to young readers. We carefully curated the right books out of the thousands offered by world-class publishers to send you only the best. Each book is yours to keep forever. Update their reading preferences so book selections can grow with them as your young reader progress. 

 How It Works

Each month, get three new kid's books personalized by reader level, age, grade, or gender for a low monthly price. 

Tell us about your young reader

Our experts will curate 3 books per month just for them. We provide board books, leveled reading books, and chapter books by age, and grade. Get books with boy, girl, or combo themes.

Books tailored to their progress.

Let us know when it's time for them to level up. Each book is yours to keep forever. Change reading level anytime. Enjoy your young reader's progress. 

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Live chat customer support and Hassle-free cancelation. Buy with confidence! Free Replacement of any duplicates, 

Kids who read just 20 minutes per day. 

Score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests. They also read better, know more, write better, and have a wider vocabulary. Additionally, they are more successful in school and life and feel more self-confident. 

Level 0: Board Books

(Ages 0-3)


For pre-readers. It's always early enough to introduce books. These books feature short, simple words and concepts. Large text size. These are very short sentences. Repetitive vocabulary. Vibrant full-color images. 

Receive outstanding board books carefully curated from world-class publishers for your special baby. Build the essential home reading library with monthly deliveries.

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Level 1: Read Along 

(Ages 3-5)

 These books are designed for young elementary school children and contain captivating stories. They consist of longer sentences and less repetitive vocabulary, with an emphasis on wordplay to aid developing readers who require some assistance. 

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Level 2: Read With Help 

(Ages 5-7)

For early elementary grade kids. These books feature engaging stories. Longer sentences and less repetitive vocabulary. Increased wordplay for developing readers who still need some help.

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Level 3: Read Alone 

(Ages 7-9)

These books target upper elementary readers and offer short chapters with more intricate storylines, challenging vocabulary, and captivating plots to enhance reading skills. Beginner chapter books feature numerous pictures. 

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Level 4: For Tweens 

(Ages 9-12)

Our selection of books is perfect for advanced tween readers. With short sentences and chapters, these books are designed to bridge the gap between full-chapter books and junior novels for tweens. We offer a combination of exciting chapter books, graphic novels, and non-fiction reads. Your tween reader will receive a surprise package with three new books from world-class publishers  Our personalized boxes are tailored to boys, girls, or both. Features a mix of exciting chapter books and non-fiction reads. 

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Member Benefits 

 + Each book is yours to keep forever


 + Books personalized to match your young reader

+Beautifully illustrated books in full color,

 + Books are large fonts, high-quality paperback editions.

+Exclusive Amazon best selling books and #1 new releases. 

+ Save up to 25% off Amazon list prices.

+ Convenient monthly delivery to your door.

+Change reader level anytime so your membership grows with your child.

+No hassle cancelation policy


Give your young reader a head start now with a personalized monthly book delivery

The rewards of reading at home with your children from an early age are far-reaching. Our book club has helped many young readers improve by matching them to the right books at the right time through leveled reading.