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Tell us about your young reader. Books are organized by color-coded reading levels reflective of age, and grade. You can change the reading level or gender options anytime so your subscription can grow with your child just login into your account.

Read Aloud: Age 0-3 (Level 0)

Short, simple words and sentences, Repetitive vocabulary, and full-color illustrations for pre-readers who are new to books. A mix of board books, paperback & hardcover editions.

$19.95 - $203.88

Read Along: Age 3-5 (Level 1)

Short words and sentences, repetitive vocabulary, and simple concepts for your child to learn how to read with a little help. A mix of paperback & hardcover editions.

$19.95 - $203.88

Read With Help: Age 5-7 (Level 2)

Engaging stories, longer sentences, and less repetitive vocabulary increased wordplay for developing readers who still need help.

$19.95 - $203.88

Beginner Chapter Books: Age 7-9 (Level 3)

Beginner chapter books and level 3 picture books and for upper elementary readers. These books feature more complex stories, challenging vocabulary, and engaging plots for beginner solo readers.

$19.95 - $203.88

Chapter Books For Tweens: Age 9-12 (Level 4)

Chapter books with advanced plots and vocabulary with short paragraphs and/or short chapters based on exciting themes to bridge the gap in full chapter books. A mix of exciting fiction and non-fiction chapter books and Junior novels

$19.95 - $203.88

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Fiction and non-fiction for level three readers

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