Reader Level

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Books are organized by color-coded reading levels reflective of age, and grade.

Age 0-3 (Level 0): Read Aloud

Short, simple words and sentences, Repetitive vocabulary, and full-color illustrations for children at the very first stages of learning to read.

Age 3-5 (Level 1): Read Along

Short sentences, repetitive vocabulary, and simple concepts for your child to learn how to read with a little help.

Age 5-7 (Level 2): Read With Help

Engaging stories, longer sentences, and less repetitive vocabulary increased wordplay for developing readers who still need some help.

Age 7-9 (Level 3): Read Alone

More complex stories, challenging vocabulary, and engaging plots for the solo reader.

Age 9-12 (Level 4): Read Advanced /Chapter Books

Advance plots and vocabulary with short paragraphs and/or short chapters based on exciting themes to bridge the gap full chapter books.

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