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Girls Can Be Anything: Stories of Women Changing The World Right Now (Book 1)


Product Description

You may know the stories of some of these influential women and girls like Environmental Activist Greta Thunberg, U.S. Congresswoman, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez or Princess Meghan Markle. But how much do you know about 30-year-old Finland prime minister, Sanna Marin, 15-year old Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai or 13-year old Homelessness Activists Khloe Thompson and 15-year old book activist Marley Dias? In Girls Can Be Anything, you'll learn about an amazing group of diverse women and girls who are changing the world right now. Nothing can stop these girls from leaving their mark on the world, not age, some of these girls are not even teenagers yet. Not gender, these women are taking action and accomplishing extraordinary change in the world regardless of what anyone says. Whether excelling in male-dominated fields such as politics or business. To becoming some of the world's most popular activists and speaking out against injustice and discrimination; or advocating for the planet, for the homeless, for diversity in books, for clean water or for school safety these girls are doing anything. Each profile is paired with the most beautiful artistic illustration designed to inspire and motivate readers of all ages and genders. The Book Features women and girls from teen activists to titans like Oprah Winfrey, Linda J. Wachner, Melinda Gates, Angela Merkel and Michelle Obama who are all having an impact and changing the world right now and will continue to for many years to come. Book 1: Patricia Bath, Inventor/Doctor Lane Murdock and Emma Gonzalez, Youth Activists Aung San Suu Kyi, Human Right Activist Khloe Thompson, Homelessness Activists Michelle Obama, First Lady of The United States Aija Mayrock, Anti-Bullying Activist Angela Merkel, World Leader Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, U.S. Congress Woman Ayanna Pressley, U.S. Congress Woman Ilhan Omar, U.S. Congress Nancy Pelosi, 1st Female Speaker of the House of Representatives Halima Aden, Beauty Contestant/Model Linda J. Wachner, Business Woman Shonda Rhimes, Television Producer Recommended ages: 6-12 years old.

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