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Mind Body Energy: Law Of Attraction For Kids (Strong Mind For Kids Book 2)


Product Description

Do you realize the power of being a human being? Throughout our lives, we are taught all about the limitations of being human as if its a bad, imperfect condition. But the truth is we humans, are creators and we use our mind and energy to create the world around us. When we focus our minds to organize our thoughts, body and energy in the same direction then nothing is impossible. This book teaches the 3 steps to do this so we can have fun creating an amazing life for ourselves. Many of you may have heard of something called the Law of Attraction. In this book, we break down how the Law of Attraction works in simple terms that a child can understand. Kids seem to be born understanding the law of attraction, they are master manifesters able to get anything they want to manifest without needing to work hard for it. But as we get older we forget. The lessons in the book teach children how to empower themselves and focus on their part of the creation process. The important lessons in this book include what are the three elements that make up a human being. What all humans want and how to get it. What is the single most important job of a human being in the universe and how to focus on that job without getting distracted by things we can't control. This book teaches why humans become unhappy and how to avoid a life of unhappiness and instead create a peaceful, joyful and loving world where we all can reach our full potential.

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